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September 1, 2009 Edition

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No Coke...Pepsi!

Pepsi--the "pick of the litter" (on Rivers St.)

In its infinite wisdom, the all-knowing administraton decided that everbody on campus would be fine with a Pepsi-products-only campus.

Continuation of the tradition of not asking for any input from those it will affect is an important part of the ASU process, said Vice Chanceseller of Selling Out, Mr. Gee Lovinit.

"Strictly a business decision--we get these wonderful free paper cups." See the picture at right for where those end up (no, this was not staged). [Addendum 9/2/09--I saw this area being weed-whacked this morning and witnessed the worker lift up one of these cups and, well, toss it farther back in the bushes. Tsk, tsk...]

How this fits in the "green" image desired by the University is not understood by this writer. Unless green means greenbacks.

No Coke, or Pepsi!

ASU's new Pepsi-only policy will not affect the inhabitants of the CAP Building, since their vending machines were taken away over a year ago to allow conversion of the student study/break space into a lab to not be used by a faculty member.

That's right--not be used. This writer, who resides in CAP and is there at all hours day and night, has never once seen this room occupied.

Let's see--trade a well-used, 24-7 study space and refreshment area for a office/lab that is never used. Seems like another fine decision by the administration!

Troubled Waters?

Have you ever been to SPAIDEN?

Banner screen grabThis writer was thrilled to once again enjoy using our wonderful Banner software. This began with spending some hours trying to install the "Janitor" (or something like that), plug-in for the browser. No mean feat, given that (I am not making this up), its web page lists it compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape Navigator 4.7. IE is now up to version 8 and Netscape is out of business. Have they heard of Firefox or Safari?

This was followed by using a program featuring a user interface that looks like it was designed by a freshman Intro Computer Science student as a first-semester homework assignment.

Some entry fields you can click to get to, others you have to tab to, with no indication which to use at any time. After (tabbing to) the field above and typing in a name you have to divine that you need to press tab (?!?!) or Enter to generate the ID before proceeding further. I have been told that Banner is used in CS courses as an example of a bad user interface.

Don't even get me started on the 1980's style abbreviated Banner Form names, like "SPAIDEN." Didn't anyone tell the programmers that memory is now free? Reminds me of the 8-character limits of file names under DOS. Have you ever been to SPAIDEN? A Three Dog Night song parody is in preparation.

Oh--if you want to print a student schedule, have plenty of paper handy since it prints a few courses at a time, with redundant windows. A class listing displays five students at a time, repeating the last one at the top of the next.

A ream might do.

Methinks I have actually insulted Intro CS students...

(It is rumored that someone who picked Banner for the State sits on the Board or works for the company that sells Banner. More info would be gratefully received.)

Good thing Banner is not used for our finances. Oh...it is....



With apologies to Scott Adams...

Changes in 'ministration

We regret that Provost Ashellgameman is stepping down--one less target for our jabs. We truly hope that Dean Calamari does not try for the position--we want our beloved colleague back some day!




And the Survey Said...

Richard Dawson "and the survey said..."An online survey was made available to faculty, staff and whomever last March, on the topic of recycling. Among its gems were "Hometown (Where ever you would say your from)" and the choice in response to "If you don't recycle, why not?" of "Its not important." Question 15 asked "How many times do you take out your garbage a week (number of bags)"--Okay, pick times or bags, not both. The final question asked "How does the amount you recycling compare to how much you throw away?" (read it again, carefully now...). Gosh--this had to make the advisor proud. Or was there an advisor? This student needs recycling through the Writing Center...


ASU to adopt yet another standard

ASU recently announced that it was adopting Drupal as the new standard for web page authoring software. As before with Moodle, the only criterion was that it is open-source. That is, it is free, as long as you don't have to count the programmers that will be hired to maintain it, or the thousands of hours of faculty and staff time spent forgetting Dreamweaver and learning Drupal.

I can hardly wait.




Half-baked goods for sale

Over the Hill Farm offers fresh vegetables and fruits, honey, and baked products all year long! We tend crops and ovens instead of labs! Call 666-6666.

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