Lab Materials Developed with Support from the NSF

Appalachian State has developed many instructional activities with support provided by the National Science Foundation. We will be adding links to this page that may be used to acquire the instructional material, including lab exercises and images.

Intro Students Catch

Students in Dr. Pollock's Introductory Astronomy lab captured images of super-novae in two external galaxies. See the montages of images on the "Latest Supernove" web site for supernova 2003cg in galaxy NGC 3169 and supernova 2003bo in galaxy NGC 3190

Students in Dr.Gray's section of the course obtained the spectra below of stars using STV cameras and a simple spectrograph setup. Click the image for a large version.

A montage of spectra


Students on the rooftop deck

Lab exercises include outdoor projects using the telescopes on our rooftop deck, indoor activites done in the classroom, and more advanced work done wit the telescope in the dome.

Students in the lab